Concorde has found over the years that many supervisors are unaware of what their own company’s policy states regarding reasonable suspicion. Concorde’s engaging and highly interactive online training session, conducted by Concorde’s General Counsel, exceeds DOT and FMCSA requirements by including a wealth of useful information for supervisors.

Training Format

Concorde’s training is a live, online program utilizing the latest in web-based meeting technology. We designed the online format to be highly interactive; using both role play and question and answer sessions within the two-hour format, creating a unique classroom experience.

In order to achieve the classroom environment, we require all participants to be logged in at their individual computer. This allows the trainer to call on participants for role play, and question and answer sessions. Since this is a live training, session dates and times vary. Your supervisors will learn about the defensive tactics substance-abusers are most likely to use during a confrontation. A series of role-plays throughout the session will teach your supervisors how to nullify these strategies and regain control of the situation.

Session Topics and Issues

  • Determining reasonable suspicion.
  • Recognizing warning signs of substance abuse.
  • Understanding of DOT requirements.
  • Handling confrontation.
  • Defending against grievances.
  • Learning how to avoid the “traps” that could get a supervisor in trouble.

Company Specific Training

Concorde can also conduct company-specific training sessions for your organization. This can be done with a two-hour session or an extended session that will also include a review of the company policy and Concorde’s role in the substance abuse program.

For more information, contact Tony Cardamone, Chief Sales Officer, sales@Concorde2000.com