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Review our services in Background Screening, Applicant Tracking System, Driver Qualification Files, CSA Scores Management, Drug & Alcohol Testing, DOT Compliance Programs and Occupational Health Services

New: Online Supervisor Training

Concorde CEO, Stephen Rosenzweig, explains why you should use Concorde Inc for your Employee Screening and Health Services needs.

Specialty Services

Concorde’s award-winning service, as recognized by clients and industry organizations, is due to our extensive knowledge of the companies we serve.
Government, Solid Waste, Telecommunications, Transportation.

DQ-it Mobile
Manage your DQ files on your favorite smart phone.

Also try our new DQ-it CSA module for tracking CSA violations at all levels of your organization.

News Alerts

The portal for Employment Screening Services (ESS) is no longer active as of October 31, 2012. Please contact your customer care representative to gain access to the new portal (Appcheck) for background verifications for your applicants. Thank you

Driver Qualification - It's More Than Just DQFs Webinar Join Concorde's VP of Operations and General Counsel, Art Cohen, for a deep dive into FMCSA driver qualification requirements. Because of the extensive nature of the material, it will be covered over the course of both the September and October monthly webinars. When: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 Time: 3:00- 4:00pm EST Click this link to register: GoToTraining

Understanding the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and related State laws Webinar: The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state laws impose numerous obligations on users (employers like you) and providers (consumer reporting agencies like Concorde). Failure to follow the various laws can cause huge liability issues. Click the link below to view this presentation:
Federal Fair Credit Report Act

FCRA Alert:
FMCSA Finally Gives Electronic Documents Full Parity with Paper

Just Released! Online DOT Medical Exam Ordering via DQ-it

Service Release: DQ-it CSA is now available to all new and existing DQ-it users. Contact us today for pricing information!

Art Cohen explains why you should "Add 'Review Background Screening To Your List Of Resolutions."

ABC News: Art Cohen responds to doubts regarding background screening...

ESS Alert: Art Cohen responds to a national lawsuit filed by the EEOC in regards to discrimination and the use of background checks.

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DODMERB Applicants 

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Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 - csa2010.fmcsa.dot.gov

Video: Direct Observation Drug Collection, a new DOT mandate.

DOT Blog: Employer involvment in Shy Bladder collections. What do you do?

30k Ft. View Blog: Hair Testing -- A Closer Look.

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