Concorde can provide a variety of medical services for any company in the United States due to our extensive “National Network” of clinics and on-site services.

Back & Strength Assessment

If your company has job positions that require employees to consistently lift objects, Concorde’s medical staff can help avoid disability claims by only allowing “fit” workers onto the worksite.

Fitness for Duty

Under Concorde’s “Fitness for Duty” program, our medical staff opens cases involving employees with possible medical issues, which may affect their ability to show up for work or complete job functions.

Pre-Placement and Post-Offer Physical Exams

In order to help companies minimize employee injury, disability and the associated costs, Concorde’s medical staff can perform physical examinations on-site or at one of Concorde’s clinics in our “National Network.”

Weight Tracking

Concorde has developed a proprietary weight-tracking application that helps track weights of employees whose job functions are monitored by OSHA regulations. Concorde’s application identifies overweight employees and monitors their weight loss program.