Concorde contracts one of the largest networks of Occupational Health facilities, collection sites, and on-site collectors in the country. Our network is represented in all 50 states and in every metropolitan market in the country. The Concorde Network allows us to provide full-service Employment Screening and Health Services to small, single location companies as well as large, national companies. To date, Concorde’s nation-wide network includes approximately 6,000 clinics and over 2,000 on-site collectors.

If you are an Occupational Health clinic and are interested in joining Concorde’s National Network, please contact Vendor Relations via or (215) 587-6277

On-Site Collectors

Concorde has developed a vast network of on-site collectors that are available to clients who are looking for the security and reliability of 24/7 collection. Our on-site collectors are available to come directly to the job site or post-accident location to perform the collection. From experience, Concorde has learned that job-site testing, in particular, has helped companies reduce lost work time and improve accuracy of testing because the testing process is performed in a controlled, supervised environment.

If you are a certified collector and are interested in joining Concorde’s Team of Collectors please contact Vendor Relations via or (215) 587-6277.

Our Partners


Concentra provides Concorde with clinical support through their 319 medical facility locations in 40 states nationwide. Concorde partners with Concentra to provide our clients with easy access to Occupational Health clinics for services such as Drug and Alcohol Testing and Physical examinations.


LabCorp is an industry-leading provider of specimen analysis. Their SAMHSA certified laboratories conduct urine drug analyses in accordance with DHHS and DOT requirements. LabCorp also tests non-regulated specimens using comparable stringent protocols. Concorde depends on LabCorp’s uniform laboratory processes to provide standardized reporting of test results.


Quest Diagnostics has developed into one of the nation’s most advanced toxicology laboratories. Quest’s state-of-the-art laboratory facility employs the latest technology, including high-throughput instruments and highly efficient specimen procession systems. Their toxicology laboratories provide accurate and rapid results on drug types and levels. Quest provides the medical community with the most comprehensive laboratory testing menu available.