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Customer Manuals and Guides

In order to enrich the Concorde customer experience, we have available a number of procedural manuals and guides for the various services we provide.


A Prospective Customer's Guide to Doing Business with Concorde

Revised June, 2013.  21 pp.  PDF format.

Abstract: This Guide to Doing Business with Concorde will help both prospective and existing customers obtain and enjoy the most beneficial and rewarding experience as a result of doing business with Concorde. This Guide is written in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and will explain what to expect from Concorde beginning when your company first expresses interest utilizing Concorde’s services to when your company is (hopefully) a long-standing customer.


  • The Sales Process

  • The Contract Documentation Process

  • The On-Boarding Process

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

  • Driver Qualification File (DQF) Services

  • Pre-Employment Screening Services

  • What to Expect After On-Boarding

  • Accounting and Invoicing Procedures

  • Responsibilities as a Concorde Customer

Driver Qualification Guide

Revised August, 2013.  26 pp.  PDF format.

Abstract: Driver qualification involves much more than just driver qualification files. It includes driver history files, on-going driver qualification requirements, disqualification triggers, record keeping and document storage. This Guide will explore these subjects including explaining how Concorde’s services are configured and delivered to help ensure its customer’s compliance.


  • Introduction

  • The Regulatory Framework

  • Effect of State Adoption of the FMCSRs

  • Driver Qualifications - 49 CFR §391

  • Driver Qualification File (DQF) – 49 CFR §391.51

  • Driver Investigation History File (DHF) – 49 CFR §391.53

  • Continuing Driver Qualification Issues

  • Location, Storage, and Production of Documents

  • Document Retention Requirements

  • Driver "Disqualification" Regulations

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

Pre-Employment Screening Procedures

Concorde’s Guide for Its Customers Conducting a Pre-employment Screening Program

Revised July, 2013.  39 pp.  PDF Format.

Abstract:  This Guide explains how Concorde assists its customers in administering and conducting a pre-employment background screening program. Concorde is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by a Federal statute, titled the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). As a CRA, Concorde provides and coordinates a variety of pre-employment related screenings for its customer-employers, including but not limited to obtaining criminal records, driving records, employment credit reports, and contacting prior employers to verify employment.

This Guide and the materials in the Appendix will assist a Concorde customer in better understanding the various pre-employment screening services that can be performed through Concorde; how AppCheck (Concorde’s pre-employment screening software platform) manages the information received, and how Concorde works with its clients to help ensure a safe hiring program. Sample forms are provided in the appendix.


  • Introduction and Overview

  • Legal Requirements

  • Discussion of Specific Background Screening Services

  • Considerations in Selecting Screens for Different Jobs

  • Appendices

Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures

Concorde’s Client Guide for Conducting a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Revised July, 2013. 32 pp.  PDF format.

Abstract:  The purpose of this Guide is to explain how Concorde assists its customers in administering and conducting their drug and alcohol testing program. Concorde is a Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA). As a C/TPA, Concorde provides and coordinates a variety of drug and alcohol testing services for employers, including but not limited to urine specimen collections, laboratory testing, Medical Review Officer services, breath alcohol testing, record keeping, random program administration, and litigation support.


  • Introduction

  • Employer Responsibilities

  • Setting Up an Account with Concorde

  • Scheduling Collections

  • Drug Testing

  • Some Common Issues in Drug Testing: FAQs

  • Alcohol Testing

  • Random Testing