Many companies on the verge of a U.S. DOT audit feel unprepared and alone. However, Concorde is able to provide consultation and support to all of our clients to make sure the process is quick and painless.

Case Management

Concorde’s team of Occupational Health experts can monitor and make medical decisions on employees enrolled in programs due to Fitness for Duty, Back and Strength or Weight Loss. Our medical staff has successfully managed similar programs, particularly for major Telecom companies, for over a decade. The combination of Concorde’s technology and medical professionals has allowed us to strictly monitor each individual enrolled in a program and ensure our clients that each case is successfully carried through.

Expert Witness Testimony

Concorde’s team of professionals has developed a reputation of expertise and excellence through their participation in arbitration hearings as expert witnesses. Concorde’s Founder Stephen Rosenzweig, and General Counsel Yoni Hirt have been called to the stand numerous times at the request of clients and industry associations. Concorde has never had a positive drug test result overturned due to our Company’s internal quality control systems and extensive knowledge of the industry.

Supervisor Training

The U.S. DOT requires that supervisors receive at least 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and 60 minutes of training on controlled substance abuse. Unfortunately, many supervisors do not know how to correctly handle a difficult situation or even the guidelines of their own company’s policy on substance abuse. Concorde is able to change that! Click here to learn more.