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National Network


Concorde contracts one of the largest networks of Occupational Health facilities, collection sites, and on-site collectors in the country. Our network is represented in all 50 states and in every metropolitan market in the country. The Concorde Network allows us to provide full-service Employment Screening and Health Services to small, single location companies as well as large, national companies. To date, Concorde's nation-wide network includes approximately 6,000 clinics and over 2,000 on-site collectors.

If you are an Occupational Health clinic and are interested in joining Concorde's National Network, please contact Natalie Armentani, Vendor Relations Manager at natalie@concorde2000.com or (215) 587-6277

On-Site Collectors

Concorde has developed a vast network of on-site collectors that are available to clients who are looking for the security and reliability of 24/7 collection. Our on-site collectors are available to come directly to the job site or post-accident location to perform the collection. From experience, Concorde has learned that job-site testing, in particular, has helped companies reduce lost work time and improve accuracy of testing because the testing process is performed in a controlled, supervised environment.

If you are a certified collector and are interested in joining Concorde's Team of Collectors, please contact Natalie Armentani, Vendor Relations Manager at natalie@concorde2000.com or (215) 587-6277.