Sparc ® is our comprehensive DOT Compliance platform. The system provides a central database for motor carrier and driver information, Driver Qualification File tracking, Online Service Ordering (MVRs, DOT Medical Exams), Compliance Monitoring, and Data Analysis.

What is CSA?

CSA (aka Compliance, Safety, Accountability) is an important initiative from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of FMCSA’s enforcement and compliance program to achieve the Agency’s mission to reduce commercial motor vehicle crashes, fatalities, and injuries.

57% of motor carriers have at least 1 BASIC “Alert” that may result in a warning letter and/or intervention. Sparc ® CSA assists motor carriers to display, identify, and solve CSA violations at all levels of the organization.

Sparc ® CSA Features

  • Hierarchy structured user access
    • Set custom user rights to the DOT #, division/terminal data, and driver data.
    • Create custom views: Corporate, Region, Area, Division
  • Expansive CSA Scores Reporting Dashboard
    • View the CSA Scores of all organization DOT #’s from a single screen.
    • View inspections, violations, and CSA points by BASIC category.
    • Breakout BASIC categories by division/terminal to view high-risk operating units.
    • View individual driver performance on a consolidated driver profile.
  • Document Corrective Action
    • Users complete CSA violation reviews to document corrective action.
    • Users are alerted of repeat violations by drivers.
  • Uncover Potential DataQs
    • Sparc ® CSA matches SMS data to pre-populated divisions and driver profiles. If a violation or crash does not match in Sparc ® CSA, it is tagged as “un-matched.”
    • “Un-matched” records allow users to identify faulty data (non-company driver applied to your DOT #), challenge poor data quality, and confirm driver/vehicle violations and crashes.
  • CSA Data Slice/Dice Portal
    • Turn On/Off various data points (DOT #’s, BASIC Categories) to compare data sets and identify trends.
    • View rankings of Best and Worst performing drivers and divisions/terminals.
    • Group data sets by various factors: Violation Code, Vehicle VIN, Violation Severity, and much more.
    • Group data sets by time frame: Year over Year, Month to Month, Month to Quarter.

CSA Hit-List

The CSA Hit-List is a sort feature that can be used to view violations by location and by BASIC category. The Hit-List can also be used as a checklist for completing CSA Corrective Action reviews or viewing previously completed reviews.

Consolidated Driver Profile

The Sparc ® platform provides motor carriers with a single portal for storing, tracking, and viewing driver data and information. In addition to tracking CSA violations and crashes, the Sparc ® Driver Profile can manage web-based driver qualification files, order and store annual motor vehicle records, order and store DOT Medical Exams, and track any type of document or compliance service. Check out Sparc ® today!