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Concorde, Inc.

1835 Market Street
Suite 1200
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (800) 662-1MRO (1676)
Fax: (215) 563-1269

Feel free to call or email Concorde with your questions:

Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Rosenzweig:
(215) 563-5555 stephen.rosenzweig@concorde2000.com

Policy Review: Arthur J. Cohen, Vice President of Operations and General Counsel:
(215) 523-8887 art@concorde2000.com

Customer Care: Jessica Rosenzweig-Hirt, Director of Customer Care
(215) 523-8882 Jessica.Hirt@Concorde2000.com

Sales: Tony Cardamone, Vice President - Sales and Marketing
(215) 523-8898 tony.cardamone@concorde2000.com

Marketing: Adrianna Owens, Marketing Associate
(215) 563-5555 ext. 6299 adrianna.owens@Concorde2000.com

Finance: Sean Collins, Chief Financial Officer
(215) 563-6269 sean.collins@concorde2000.com

Compliance and Employment Screening: Michael Farkas, Director of Employee Screening Division
(215) 587-6268 michael.farkas@Concorde2000.com

Documentation Management: Candice Brady, Manager of DQF
(215) 523-8896 cbrady@concorde2000.com

Medical Review Officer:
(215) 563-0224 MRO@concorde2000.com

Philly Flu Shots:
(215) 587-6266 phillyflushots@concorde2000.com

Vendor Relations: Natalie Armentani, Vendor Relations Manager
(215) 587-6277 natalie@Concorde2000.com

Applicants who choose to use Concorde for completing the Medical Examination requirement and Remedials can visit www.dodmets.com