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COVID-19 Updates

We are getting reports of various service disruptions and reminders that we want to make you all aware of while we all collectively try to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

This is an ever changing situation and we will keep you informed as we receive information but please reach out to your Customer Care Representative if you need additional assistance.

We are all being challenged as we work through an unprecedented time and Concorde is here to work as your partner to find solutions and keep you up and running.

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Drug Testing and DOT Physicals

We are getting reports of some clinics closing, especially in the New York Metro area and parts of California. If your local clinic is closed please contact your Customer Care Representative for an alternate location. Please be aware the location may be further out than normal.

Concentra has confirmed that they are still accepting drug screens and physicals but if you have any issues receiving services, please report them to your Customer Care Representative.

Both Quest and Labcorp have patient service centers that strictly perform Drug screens and blood draws and do not see sick patients. Additionally, while these labs may be performing the testing analysis for COVID-19 they are not collecting any tests at their patient service centers.

Background Screenings

We are experiencing court closures when trying to confirm criminal background checks so there may be delays in reporting out certain background checks.


We have reports of full and partial DMV closures. This means that licenses may not be renewed and/or medical cards may not be updated to the driving record. As an example, we have confirmed the Illinois DMV is closed and issuing extensions on all licenses. They are also not updating Medical Cards on driving records. This is a very fluid situation. Please check with your state DMV for updates and we all also pass along any updates we receive directly.