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Reimbursement Policy

Concorde2000.com Reimbursement Policy

Services that have been ordered and paid for on this website, but not rendered, are applicable for a refund. Immunizations however are not refundable, as they are custom ordered in small quantities at the time of scheduling and cannot be returned.

Reimbursements need to be requested in writing to Concorde and only fall under the following situations:

  1. If customer prepays online and visits Concorde’s facility when there is no vaccine available, the customer has the option of rescheduling or requesting a reimbursement for the price of the immunization / test / service.
  2. If Concorde’s supply of vaccine is limited, Concorde will reimburse the customer(s) who prepaid but did not receive their immunization.
  3. If Concorde’s medical staff determines that customer is not fit to receive a immunization / test / service, and customer cannot reschedule, the customer can request a reimbursement for the immunization / test / service.

Important: Concorde will not refund immunization cost for individuals who received immunization shots but still became sick with the Flu or the common cold.

Payment Policy
All payment is due at the time of your immunization / test / service. If you did not prepay online, you may pay with a credit card at the facility or by cash. Personal Checks will not be accepted.